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Outsourcing in Russia

Modern Russian business exists only two decades, and half of this time to our young market economy it was necessary not to develop, and with the last bit of strength to survive. Nevertheless, the business process named an obscure word "outsourcing", could get accustomed and win popularity among the Russian businessmen, and now endures blossoming in our country.

Outsourcing (rus:"аутсорсинг")– transfer by the company one or several (more often not profile) fields of activity to the foreign organizations – has two advantages: possibility to receive the qualitative expert and (or) the expensive equipment in rent, and thus considerably to save. In 90th years newborn business has addressed to outsourcing in search of qualified personnel: for example, as mushrooms after a rain have appeared hundreds advertizing agencies. People who worked there, can, and plainly didn't know how correctly to do advertizing and the more so – how to do it in Russia, they studied on the move, but their services have been extremely claimed. During that restless time it was formed not less security firms – the safety issue for the majority of businessmen stood very sharply. At last, the crisis phenomenon unfamiliar to the Soviet people – unemployment – has generated set of personnel agencies which have made a competition to the state labor exchanges.

Today the domestic companies have to the full estimated the second advantage of outsourcing – possibility to spend less means for the same quality of work. To take, for example, firm which has transferred to the foreign expert service of computers: the workplace, technics isn't required to it, holidays and sick-lists, it is not necessary to pay for it taxes, it is easy to refuse its services without such consequences, as reduction. The Russian business now enjoys advantages, which have appeared at outsourcing in our country during the period between two crises: experts had time to receive quality education, experience and other skills.

Therefore it is no wonder that today many transfer to other firms service of sphere of information technology (administration, updating of the software, a site on the Internet and so on), accounts department conducting (here the economy is rather obvious: any expert of consulting firm usually combines in itself the bookkeeper, the programmer and the auditor), selection and registration of personnel, a cargo transportation. Thanking outsourcing to service each company if necessary presumes to itself divisions of which earlier she could dream only: for example, the call-centers (the centers of processing of telephone calls) – their equipment and functioning stand very expensively, but now it is possible to take such in rent, and together with employees and for rather small money.

Certainly, there are factors which brake outsourcing development in Russia: for example, in our legislation concept «outsourcing process» is absent, and it is necessary to show special attention at the conclusion of the contract with the firm, rendering service. Not all heads while are ready to trust extraneous people the confidential information, without having a guarantee that it won't be used against the company. In a province outsourcing service has no due development in the absence of technical possibilities. It is necessary to consider and problems of purely psychological character: for the people who have been brought up by the Soviet system, work inseparably linked with concept of "collective", they hardly understand, how it is possible to transfer a part of functions to absolutely stranger whom they practically won't see.

Crisis has essentially changed a demand rating outsourcers: it is known that the advertizing industry has not the best times, many companies refuse as well foreign PR-departments. But the requirement in financial and IT Experts has increased in times. The list of services which are offered by the outsourcing market, increases every day, and it is possible to assume that each firm can soon take all advantages which are given by this process.